Sam Black Church Kickstarter

There’s a Sam Black Church documentary on Kickstarter being done by the absolute best choice to do one, Duncan Wilder Johnson. Update: …and it’s funded, which means not only will the documentary get finished (right Duncan?) but there will be more SBC shows in support of it! AWESOME! I’ve been meaning to write something about […]

Best of 2006 – Music

As always, these lists are compiled from my iTunes listening habits. *Top 10 Songs Released in 2006* 1. _Dynamite_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 2. _Mange_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 3. _The Dredge_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 4. _Jaggernaut_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 5. _Digging Grave_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 6. _Funhouse Skull_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 7. _Fang_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” […]

10 The Hawd Way

I hit the new Higher Ground in Burlington this past Saturday for “10 The Hawd Way”, a ten band showcase headlined by Five Seconds Expired and Scissorfight. The doors opened at 4:30 and I arrived at around 7. The five or six bands that played before the two already mentioned were alright, but didn’t really […]

Top Songs of 2005

Ok, so I didn’t get a lot of new music in 2005, but I want to do this anyways. We’ll do two lists. One is music released in 2005 and the other is music I acquired or added to iTunes in 2005. Released in 2005 1. Dirty Harry – Gorillaz – “Demon Days” 2. Backwoods […]

G5 Lame Updates

Lame 3.97b1 has apparently been deemed “usable” by the crew at Hydrogen Audio. Well, let’s run through the same tests we did last time. G5 Optimized (3.96.1) preset standard – 0:16 (204.7 kbps) preset fast standard – 0:11 (226.0 kbps) preset extreme – 0:15 (249.3 kbps) preset fast extreme – 0:11 preset cbr 128 – […]