Lost S6E3 Thoughts

Just one quick one I haven’t seen covered elsewhere. If Sayid has “the sickness”, who else have we seen in a similar situation? Seemingly dead, but CPR’d by Jack back to life? Charlie. And it was after that is when we saw the really Dark Charlie, relapsing, killing Ethan, having strange dreams, attempting to “baptize” […]

Some Random Lost Thoughts

Thanks to Sunghee I’ve really enjoyed Lost. We’ve caught up in the past year or so thanks to Netflix. Here’s some theories, thoughts, observations for the upcoming final season. John Locke is still Locke, not the smoke monster / man in black. But the Locke dead body is real, and he did die. How so? […]

Best of 2006 – Music

As always, these lists are compiled from my iTunes listening habits. *Top 10 Songs Released in 2006* 1. _Dynamite_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 2. _Mange_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 3. _The Dredge_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 4. _Jaggernaut_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 5. _Digging Grave_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 6. _Funhouse Skull_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” 7. _Fang_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut” […]

Korean Wine Bar

Scene: Seoul, Korea. Approx 9pm. The night starts off with Sunghee and I meeting Friend #1 as we get out of the subway station. We wander around for a bit looking for the “nice” “American” restaurant. We’re going to the American restaurant because they want to make sure that I’m happy with the food. We […]

One Act Play from Korea #153

Strapping American and his Korean wife are walking inside the courtyard of the apartment complex they are staying at. They have heard that the subway station is “right outside” but are having issues locating it. They come upon a group of three Korean women. American: We should ask them where the subway is. Wife (in […]