Monthly Newsletter – Month 5

You are 5 months old and you are telling us now all about the dreams you had at night, what Hadabagee and you did during the day, how much the new teeth coming in hurt and how itchy your face is. We think that that’s what you’re telling us about anyways. You talk all the […]

Monthly Newsletter – Month 4

You turned 4 month old this week, and you got to be around when a new president was elected. You’ve also discovered your hands and fingers. You really like to to watch your fingers when they touch and intertwine and then… POP apart. You also really like your rattle, not so much when you have […]

Monthly Newsletter – Month 3

Isaac, you are three months old today! You’re mothers genes are starting to take hold as your eyes are starting to turn brown and your hair is getting darker. You’re also starting to talk, well baby talk, but very loudly and without much rest just like your brother. Yesterday you tried crawling, and while you […]