Windows “Blue”

Windows Blue: Microsoft’s plan to release a new version of Windows every year “Windows Blue is […] a major update to Windows 8, and also the beginning of a major shift that will result in a major release of Windows every 12 months — just like Apple’s OS X. Blue will roll out mid-2013, and […]

Merrill Lynch “Macs are no good. Go to your library and use a PC”

My mother works for a certain large company and has a 401k with them managed by Merrill Lynch. She also has a Mac Mini, which will show up again later. The first part of this was relayed to me by my mother and sister, I didn’t become involved until later on. Yesterday my mother starting […]

Lost S6E3 Thoughts

Just one quick one I haven’t seen covered elsewhere. If Sayid has “the sickness”, who else have we seen in a similar situation? Seemingly dead, but CPR’d by Jack back to life? Charlie. And it was after that is when we saw the really Dark Charlie, relapsing, killing Ethan, having strange dreams, attempting to “baptize” […]

G5 Lame Updates

Lame 3.97b1 has apparently been deemed “usable” by the crew at Hydrogen Audio. Well, let’s run through the same tests we did last time. G5 Optimized (3.96.1) preset standard – 0:16 (204.7 kbps) preset fast standard – 0:11 (226.0 kbps) preset extreme – 0:15 (249.3 kbps) preset fast extreme – 0:11 preset cbr 128 – […]