A Quick Wrestling Road Story…

Back in 2000/2001, myself, Jim Tanner and a couple of other people took a road trip to Toccoa, GA and NWA Wildside. The trip down was pretty straight forward. We had a conversion van from somewhere that had seats in the back that folded down to a bed, and, more importantly to this story, a […]

TSW Reunion

One shot deal to jump on the ECW One Night Stand wave. I was scheduled for half the matches, but someone wanted a ref bump so I dropped a match. 1. Shockwave vs. Flamingo – Shockwave has a metal armor gimmick thing with sparklers and everything. He wins with the 450. 2. Outkast Killahs vs. […]


I’m still working on a complete write up of the first ROH doubleshot weekend, 11/28-11/29. Not that’s it’s going to be amazingly grand or anything, it’s just finding time to finish writing it. One thing I would like to share was the second night, in MA, before the show AJ Styles had a portable DVD […]

ROH – 11.01.03

Sunghee and I started off the day at 6:30am, hitting the Dunkin” Donuts on West Street in Center Rutland on the way out to get some breakfast and gas for the car. We elected to take her car as it has more room to fill up with IKEA stuff than my packed Mustang. The trip […]

10.25.03 – ROH – Specerport, NY

MapQuest and Yahoo! Maps said my trip would be about 7 hours, so I headed off at 6am sharp. I had my brand new EZ-Pass all loaded up and with Al Franken�s �Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right� loaded up on my iPod, I managed […]