Dear Subaru, Why Don’t Your Dealers Want Me To Buy One of Your Cars?

A little background first, Currently we have 2 Subarus, one owned and one leased. We had owned another one previously to taking on the current lease, which expires at the end of this month. We LOVE our cars. AWD is great in the Vermont winters, my WRX is pushing 275hp now, has 150,000 miles and […]

WordPress Caching Comparision – W3 Total Cache vs. WP Super Cache vs. WP Cache

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Remove Injected PHP code from hackers

Here’s a quick little php script to batch process all your .php files and remove base64_decode junk if your site has been hacked. Just save this as a php file, upload it to your website and visit that page in your web browser. <?php set_time_limit(0); $tmpdir = “./”; $rmcmd = `find $tmpdir -name “*.php” -type […]

Lost S6E5 & E6 Thoughts

Missed a week. Not much to think about with E5 that I can’t cover in E6 anyways. Kate wasn’t going back to the temple the last time we saw her, with Hurley and Jack, but she ends up walking in anyways. There’s a missing part there. She’s run into someone who sent her to the […]