Monthly Newsletter – Month 5

You are 5 months old and you are telling us now all about the dreams you had at night, what Hadabagee and you did during the day, how much the new teeth coming in hurt and how itchy your face is. We think that that’s what you’re telling us about anyways. You talk all the time, but in baby talk. We’ve consulted with an interpreter, your 2 year old cousin Katelynn, but she says that she is not familiar with your particular dialect of baby talk.

We picked up a walker chair for you and it took you about a week before you figured out you could move around in it, but only backwards. Boy, were you upset! You’d see something you’d like to get closer too, move your legs as hard as you could, but end up going backwards, further from the object of your attention.

You’ve also discovered that throwing thing when you’re angry feels good, which is why we don’t keep your chewy toys on the tray of your walker chair anymore.

Monthly Newsletter – Month 4

You turned 4 month old this week, and you got to be around when a new president was elected.

You’ve also discovered your hands and fingers. You really like to to watch your fingers when they touch and intertwine and then… POP apart. You also really like your rattle, not so much when you have it, but if someone holds it up for you, your eyes fill with excitement and grow large.

Another thing that is making me already start dreading when you start driving, you get a really mischievous look in your eyes, let a big “HEWWWWW!” laugh and get a huge smile whenever we do something “exciting” with you, like flying around the room, or letting you stand up and catching you as you start to fall. You’re an adrenaline junkie already boy.

Monthly Newsletter – Month 3

Isaac, you are three months old today! You’re mothers genes are starting to take hold as your eyes are starting to turn brown and your hair is getting darker. You’re also starting to talk, well baby talk, but very loudly and without much rest just like your brother.

Yesterday you tried crawling, and while you do have the basic movements down, you haven’t picked your body up off the floor yet, so you’re just sort of swimming. You have no trouble putting weight on your legs though and you’ll stand up if you’re leaned up against something.

Other good news is that your mother became a US citizen. You were there, remember? You were good the whole day in your Baby Bjorn, then just as the ceremony started you started crying, loudly. Your Hadabagee was able to get you calmed down and asleep in under a minute .

Here’s your mother meeting Jim Douglas (you missed this part).