Monthly Newsletter – Month 2

Hey, you’re two months old today! You went and got some shots, which you were not happy about, but forgot about them in about five minutes. You even came to work right after and slept through a production meeting. You’re almost ready to start drawing a paycheck!

You’ve also started smiling and laughing when you’re awake which is great! You seem to think that whenever someone touches your nose that it’s the funniest thing in the world.

You’ve pretty much outgrown your bassinet so we grabbed a crib for you off of Craigslist. You slept well in it for a week or so, but then you started getting fussy when you were in it. We solved this by moving you 90 degrees and this seems to suit you fine. Maybe you just like sleeping East to West instead of North to South? It’s easier to turn you for now then rearrange the room to turn the crib.

You also love baths, and you’ve only pee in the bath when your grandfather was washing you. You have a 100% success rate at this.

You’ve also shown great strength in your legs and are ready to start walking just as soon as you get this balance thing worked out. You can do the walking motion if you’re held upright, and you’ll even do hindu squats, or maybe you’re trying to jump? Let me know and I’ll get you on an exercise program right away.

Monthly Newsletter – Month 1


Isaac, you are one month old today. You’ve grown quite a bit since we brought you home, the little knit hats the nurses gave us no longer fit you head, but the socks Nain gave you are still too big.


You’re starting to figure out how to use your fingers and hands which I’m sure is a huge relief. You seem to be a very frustrated baby. You growl, a lot. You just can’t wait until you’re able to finally control all the little muscles in your arms and legs and go off and actually get something done! And you’re so tired all the time from all the eating and pooping.


You’re having dreams already. They seem to be happy dreams as you laugh and smile while you’re having them. I’m not sure what’s so funny in your dreams, as we haven’t heard you laugh when you’re awake yet. Maybe it’s the dog? You have smiled though which is wonderful. You’ve also taken a liking to sleeping on your belly on my chest which is also wonderful, you’ll sleep for hours this way and even forgo meal time for a while.