Table Shopping

We went looking at tables today as we are desperately in need of a dining room table. I want to have Easter dinner here this year, and that’s not happening with the little 2-person cafe table we have now.

This is the one we’re leaning towards:

!/images/3.jpg (Cherry Table)!

It’s cherry and comes with four matching chairs. We would also get two burgundy easy chairs for the ends of the table.

And this is a second option:

!/images/4.jpg (Marble top table)!

I like the black marble pictured here, but Sunghee would rather have the beige option that available.

Note: the textpattern image tags don’t work correctly right now.


Sunghee and I took CJ out to the Rutland Country Club for sledding, his first time, on Saturday. To say that he didn’t enjoy it would be an understatement. How he’s made it through two winters in his life and not experienced snow yet, I have no idea. “Gigi! Gigi!” (Korean baby-talk for “dirty”) he would say when some powder ended up on his jacket and he frantically tried to brush it off. And once he actually went down a small hill, he really let us know how he felt. “Want *sob* go *sniffle* mommy HOME!”


My DSL people are still sitting on their collective ass, so I’m moving to the realm of cable provided internet. I am armed with my Adelphia PowerLink Self-Install Kit and am heading home to attempt to Self-Install the bugger.


For Christmas my mom got us a fish tank which we’ve populated with a dozen or so Neons, 6 Fancy Guppies and 4 striped fishes. So far we’ve lost 5 guppies and 2 neons. By “lost”, I mean they’ve died. We’ve actually only “lost” one guppy. I noticed that he wasn’t swimming around with the (at the time) two other remaining guppies. I peered into the tank and couldn’t see him anywhere. Since this tank is fairly large (30 gallons) fish don’t float to the top when they die. They stay on the bottom, belly up. Sunghee thought the first on was “just sleeping” when it died. Well, yesterday morning the bugger showed up, dead. I had just fed the fish, so I wasn’t interested in sticking my hand into the tank and getting it coated with fish food, so I put off fishing him out of there until after work. By the time I got back home from work and retrived the net, the fish had disappeared again.