When it’s “supposted” to “warm up” to -5 during the day, I really question my decision to live in the northeast. Where’s that damn global warming when you need it?


Phone came on Saturday morning. I was made aware of this by Kim calling and getting me out of bed at 9am after she had plugged her new speakers into the Mic In port of her computer and wanted to know why no sound was coming out. I still haven’t gotten around to getting dial-up access numbers for EarthLink so I don’t have internet at home yet. Tonight though. Adelphia is coming on the 19th to hook up my cable modem and then I’ll be all set. Yay!


Still no phone. Verizon was supposted to stop by yesterday. I was first on the list yesterday, declining Monday, for my re-re-scheduled hookup. Didn’t seem to help much. I have now been told that someone will be out on Friday morning. When I asked about why they couldn’t come out today (Wednesday), they said they work on a first come / first served basis and Wednesday was already booked up. I pointed out that I had come first (middle of December) and should be served before these other people. The lady on the other end of the phone didn’t follow my logic. Tivo was very upset about not being able to make it’s daily call and ran out of guide data so I had to cart it into work today and let him use the office phone to fill up.


Ok, I’m all moved into the new place, except for the phone and DSL. Verizon is over two weeks late getting the damn things installed. And, you’ll notice, those are my only ways of connecting to the world-wide inter-web, so I’ve been connection-less for a while now. Good thing I have internet at work. Along with Verizon, I’m also mad at the movers who couldn’t get my couch upstairs to the living room and dumped it in the basement instead. Anyone want to buy a nice couch?


So I’m reading Heather B.’s dooce.com today and see that she has bought her first ever box of Cascade for her new dishwasher. I share in that joy as yesterday I bought, for the first time in my life, dishwasher, um, washer stuff. I didn’t get Cascade, but a box of nifty little three-layer tablets that have a magic ball of some sort in the center. I brought them home, loaded up the dishwasher, pressed the bottons to select my options and… nothing. “Is there an ‘On’ button that I’m missing?” I thought to myself. I looked all over the front of the machine and I could find nothing that resembled a “On” or “Start” button. I tried to look in the back, as it could possibly not be plugged in. The ‘fridge wasn’t so this is a valid theory. I soon discover that the dishwasher is on wheels and can be moved freely about the kitchen. This, of course, means that it’s not attached to the wall via a power cord or anything, confirming my theory that it was, indeed, unplugged. I locate the power cord all nicely coiled up in a compartment in the back, right next to the tube where you plug the water supply into, also not plugged in. I survey the area where the dishwasher was. There is no piping or anything for water. This is very very strange. “Is there a hook-up in the closet by where the dishwasher was?” “No.” “Dammit.” I ended up leaving a message for Bud, the caretaker, as to why I was taunted with a dishwasher when there is no place to actually plug it in and use it, and I washed my dishes in the sink feeling like I’m back in the stone-age.